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How We Work

How We Work

As financial advisors, our ethos revolves around personal, 1-on-1 relationships. We're not solely fixated on returns on investments; we equally emphasize your "return on life." By delving into your unique aspirations, values, and objectives, we craft strategies that encompass both your financial journey and overall well-being. Our approach reflects a commitment to your holistic success, ensuring your financial journey aligns seamlessly with your life's goals, dreams, and happiness.

"It's not just about a return on your money, but a return on life."

Our 1-on-1 individualized Relationships provide increased benefits to our cients and brings more meaning and enjoyment to what we do every day

Meet Our Advisors

Andre Selfa APMA®

Financial Advisor


Andre Selfa is a seasoned financial advisor known for his dedication to clients and passion for life. With a thriving practice, he navigates the financial landscape with expertise honed over his years of experience. Beyond his professional achievements, Andre's personal life paints a vibrant picture. A proud father of three girls, his family serves as a constant source of inspiration. Andre's love for adventure finds expression in his passion for travel, backpacking with friends, and exploring new horizons with his loved ones. When winter arrives, you'll find him hitting the slopes, skiing with enthusiasm that mirrors his commitment to helping clients reach their financial peaks. A compassionate individual, Andre's caring nature resonates in his interactions with clients, ensuring their financial goals are met with meticulous planning and personalized strategies. He believes that by building strong relationships and leveraging his expertise across multiple financial disciplines, he can empower others to achieve their aspirations.

Austin Scott CFP®, CRPC®, APMA®

Financial Advisor


Austin Scott is an accomplished Certified Financial Planner (CFP) who brings a wealth of expertise to the financial realm. With a robust portfolio of credentials, he's a trusted advisor known for his dedication to clients' financial success. Beyond his professional achievements, Austin's personal life is equally vibrant. A passionate enthusiast of outdoor sports, he embraces the thrill of various activities. Married to a wife who infuses his life with excitement, he recently welcomed the arrival their son, adding a new dimension to his journey. Austin's ability to balance his passion for finance with his zest for life reflects his holistic approach to helping clients achieve their goals while savoring life's adventures.

Jordyn Andrews

Administrative Assistant



Jordyn Andrews, an exceptional financial advisor's assistant since 2021, embodies excellence in every facet. Her commitment to excellence shines through in her every task. Beyond her professional role, she's a devoted member of her church community, embodying values of compassion and service. Married and blessed with a beautiful daughter, she brings her enthusiasm and warmth to both work and family life. Her impact is felt not only in our financial endeavors but also in her broader contributions to family, faith, and community.